These prices INCLUDE the tip. (You shouldn't have to tip us for doing a good job, you are already paying us to do a great job!)  Prices may vary slightly between hairdressers. When booking on line please pay attention to the price listed there.  

Also, the combination of cut and color in the same appointment is always less expensive than having them done on different days. Prices also include things that similar options at other salons do not, like moisture or protein treatments, toners, and blowdrying. When you click on the service on the Schedulicity booking page it will give you more detail.

If you are not sure what to book, please shoot us a text first. 


Ladies haircut and blowdry :  45 - 55

Ladies short haircut:  35 - 47    (this is NOT for getting a new short hair cut. This price and time is for maintaining a short haircut.  This price is not for bobs. 

Mens haircut:  2835

DRAMATIC change haircut:  60-70  Looking for a big change and have lots of pictures you'd like to discuss with us before you make a choice?  A regular haircut appointment assumes just a few minutes of advice and consultation before we begin.  This appointment allows an extra 15 minutes for contemplating potential styles, maintainence, and styling advice.  You wouldn't want us to rush your new cut just because we talked for 15 minutes first would you?

BlowOuts and Blowdrying. (if you are getting another service a blowdry is included). If you have thick hair and it needs to be flatironed, or if you'd like a few beachy waves, please book accordingly) :  35 -50

Permanent hair color, NO CUT, blowdry included:  85 - 105

 Permanent hair color WITH cut and blowdry:  125 - 140

Permanent hair color, plus up to 16 foils and haircut:  150 - 175

Full foil and haircut:  140170

Partial foil and haircut:  120 140

 Partial foil NO haircut (but blowdry is included) 90 - 105

 Partial foil + Demi/glaze + haircut and blowdry:  145 - 170

Partial foil + Demi/glaze, NO CUT, blowdry included: 105 - 115

Demi/semi /gloss/glazes AND haircut:  105 - 120

Demi/Semi/Gloss/Glaze with NO CUT, blowdry included: 65 - 80

Balayage / Sombre / Ombre (two color) and haircut: 165 - 190

Multi-dimensional hair color (base color, highlights AND lowlights) and haircut:  170 - 200

Keratin Straightening/Smoothing: 230 - 300  Price depends on hair length and density  (MUST have pre-approval PRIOR to booking. Includes a quick trim of ends, but NOT new shaping/styling.)

Special Occasion Hair (per hour):  80

Facial waxing (per area) 15  

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